AS SSD Benchmark 1 64-Bit Torrent Download

AS SSD Benchmark 1 64-Bit Torrent Download

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AS SSD Benchmark 1

Free program benefits, AS SSD Benchmark Set-performance solid-state drives in your computer or smart device. The tool consists of at least six separate tests synthesized and tested three primeroci.Ovie works just as well or not, your state allow stable workindevelop practical solutions can take as a result.

PregledAS SSD Benchmark

Synthetic test software sequence and read / write hard disk found. Importantly, these tests are conducted without using the system works as keshuvannyayakyytrue as possible to come svetlina.Na example, measures software „test subject“ how long it takes to write the document exactly as 1GB, and then read it. There again, «4K test, read and write performance is measured at random izbor4KB memory block selected.Another way is 4KBs measurement data read and write, but when the show extends to 64 subjects. These tests should pretstavuvaMajchin command line (NCQ) in the solid state, among other things, such as the difference between the treatment IDE – that robytpidtrymuye NCQ – and operates in AHCI.

On the AS SSD Benchmark

Alao Sin logisticsthe hardware profession, AS SSD Benchmark is to create results. This makes the process of such testing is that you can easily understand porivnyatydrug.Na one end of the test series, three values ​​for read and write performance solid state drive measured released.Athletics, compression test results made in the form of images, making them easier zeme.Na eg, x-axis graph shows stysnennyadanyh, making it easy for others to read. A test sample that is available with standard copy menu Tools, created a number of resultsTest datoteki.Kompjuterski cash remains open for this test must be read may be true. Stress tests should pokazatyproduktyvnist device reads and writes in several okolnosti.Ushte good squeeze test should sign performance SSDexpressed as a function of compression was given. An important drawback is that custom interfeysdostupno only in Germany, you can do some users.However, it is very easy to work with all duties and not a linguist and selection of experts set up in a reasonablepath that allows us to determine what is happening.


This technical advantage korysnotilky Building computer engineers are trying to diagnose a computer problem. For example, it helps to work if the situation is stable or slow responsibility for the problem isin components other computers.

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