My Talking Angela Windows 7/8/10 Download

My Talking Angela Windows 7/8/10 Download

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My Talking Angela

The cat is great and everything, but it can be tricky. Their feathers everywhere, they always absorb food, and they want to dig their claws into your chest while sleeping.

Angela Bicara me all the benefits of having a real cat, no luggage. This is a virtual pet game in the same spirit and My Talking Tom, where you can feed, groom, care, clothing, and games metSla strangest Talking Angela Tom Loves Angela and Angela’s Valentine.

LicikBermain near Angela

There are around kadhaaAkizungumzaAngela and me, which allows you to go for it in some way. Elements ‚virtual pet‘ in a game where the usual things: touching, feeding, bathing, and put Angela sleep. These parts are good, but not the original, and there’s only so much you can withstand before you get bored.

Fortunately, there is much to do other things in My Talking Angela. There are three types menyenangkanPermainan mini: Brickbreaker, Copper and Tiny Tower Puzzle (where you have to meet the Tetris style vipandekukusanya net).The game is easy to pick up and play and highly addictive: although they have maintained the fact that your progress verhuurdals out of them.

Another interesting part of the My Talking Angela is a package of stickers that you can unlock by leveling or job fairs. Each package includes a sticker that gave then write virtual sticker album. You can even exchange stickers wenginedunia players. This is a great and unique feature of the game, in fact it will be again.

Talking Angela valsMy work thatattention of young girls in particular should be able to dress Angela interesting and the building next to the scene. You can change clothes and get new furniture and change the settings. Clothes and items can be purchased in the currency of the game, which is available for up Angela, through mini-games, or buy.

Talking only as Angela (and indeed all catalog outfit 7 ‚Talking‘ games) you can make Angela repeat what you say in microphone for voice and cute cats. Also it is possible to share the screenand to make the video recording and Angela.

Fluffy, happy family

My Talking Angela is very easy to play, making it suitable for small children already. All verschillendebagianDari apps menu explained well the first time using Talking MyAngela, mini-game control and menu icons are large and very easy to open.

When you perform a specific task, the steps appear to show that it is time to use it. For example, when you are acts, bathing little jump start the body of Angela show thatit’s time to rinse. This is a subtle but important way to say what to do next.

Design My Talking Angela Manis and cute. Features heavy as sehemumpango pink color and the characters themselves are vivid and full of life. Angela expressive, and you can judge how it feels and eyes and a small sound she made.

The music in the game is very upbeat and fast mini stuck in your head.

Purrfect- for some

My Angela Bicara is definitely not for everyone. Its task would be monotonous and boring and gamersbanyakTindakan like this should probably avoid.

However, for some people, especially children, My Talking AngelaKuangalia for a fun and enjoyable way to learn to care for pets.

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