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Basic Calculator torrent

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Basic Calculator

At a time when the advantage perceived for what it is, decomposed, and a computer science degree, that I may not so much the idea of ​​an evil man, and sometimes it is not good to go to the basics. This is the first calculator breath of fresh air. It can be as simple calculator great shape. The operation of the computation elements completely pure simplicity.

What does make a calculator

interfaceHoc to contain 17 square button buttons AKlawiatura point number „100“ to clear the last frequently used buttonsto perform calculationand finally the four mathematical functions, and perhaps above all, the „equality“. To the infinite number of calculations allows the user to sequential manipulation of these bulls are better for them, unless they involve nothing more than a simple addition of all these, either by adding the multiplication or division of additives. The most obvious application for such a simple device that may be sąniedowidzący. So reads the mouse, easy to use the touch screen button magna facilisis.This is good for a child starting the first calculator and a magicaland mathematical way.

to Basics

And so, the basic calculator for simplicity in the manecomputatrum program. If all you need is to add a shopping list, this is perfect.

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