Parted Magic 2016 x86-x64 download torrent

Parted Magic 2016 x86-x64 download torrent

Download torrent

Parted Magic 2016

For this edition

Including Parted Magic ISO image + Rufus, USB development tool

Usage: Burn the ISO file on the USB / CD and boot from it


Parted Magic is really a solution to manage hard disk

disk partitions

Parted Magic has the tools to get the job.With the partition where the editor bisare size, shape, and move partitions. You can increase or decrease the C: drive. To create space for new operating systems. Trying to recover data from lost partition.


jedanpodela computer or the entiredisk cloning.

cloning data can disimpansebagai image or multiple copies of the data. The data can be stored locally attached storage device, SSH server, Samba server or network file system promotions. A copy of the file can be used to restore theoriginal when it is needed.

data rescue

Magicmemungkinkan parted easily reset or change the password for Windows. Recover lost files. Save the file from uredotso disk read errors.

Disc removal

Parted Magic comes with easy to usechanging decision zakonvencionalna. Secure Erase internal. Removing semuaruang free.


All benchmarking tool you’ll ever need! Bonnie ++ IOzone, hardware information, system stability tester, mprime and stress.

Supported file systems and procedures

– Ekt2, ekt3, ekt4, FAT16, FAT32,NTFS, and ReiserFS: Create, grow, shrink, move, copy, check the label and UUID.

– Btrfs: Create, grow, shrink, move, copy, check and label.

– EkFAT: Create, move, copy, check and label.

– HFS and HFS +: Create, shrink, move,copy and check.

– F2fs: create, move, and copy.

– Knowledgeable filed with limited support: JFS, Linux swap, PV lvm2, NILFS, Reiser4, UFS, CBS, and ZFS

supported hardware

Parted Magic requires at least a 686 processor with 1GB RAM memory. 512 mode Live. Compatible with Secure Boot Windows 8 engine.she worked for Intel Macs.

Supported storage devices

Hard disk (SATA, IDE, SCSI). flash.USB memory drive. SSD (solid state drives). A device the size of a sector 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, etc.


upotrebamoćni network manager to easily manage fixed and wireless connections. Including web browserFirefox to surf the Internet.

additional partition features

MS-DOS or GPT partisiTabel supported. MIB settlement division or traditional boundaries cylinder. Disabling and enabling napodelba hidden flag, raising, seizures, etc.

No installation Rekuired!

parted MagicIt is an independent operating system Windows. Works from a CD or USB drive. installed anything.


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