MAGIX Video Pro X8 Moofasah Download

MAGIX Video Pro X8 Moofasah Download

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MAGIX Video Pro X8

Magix Video Pro X 8 (x64)

Magix Video Pro X is a complete software for video editing production of intuitive and powerful. This set of video editing multiple award focused on the specific needs of consumers and professionals a comprehensiveand offers an unrivaled range of powerful post-production.

professional video editing

Access detailed editing options, exceptional performance and cinematic effects in the above picture and sound quality.


selectionvarious deferramentas imidzhaih to improve their own, such as video effects are optimized for the GPU, precision measuring instruments and multicamera editing.

audio editing

Audio mixer in real time and control sample to the nearest key frame editor,as well as a ton of transmission quality effects provide everything you need to add a sound.


Access to all of the extras as NewBlue plugins package that includes filters seems to change and the effects kuvutiarangi, ProDAD Mercalli V2 or full image stabilization.


– Format Support Specialist (ProRes, AVC-local, etc.)

– Editing a scalable alternative for a good video editing 4K

– 3-way primary and secondary color correction

– Multicam editing of up to nine songs at the same time

– Support Complex actioncam

– Surround sound editing in broadcast quality

– Hardware decoding based on HD and UHD (,)

– NewBluefilters seen the best color for memorable films

New in this version:

* Fixed a problem with importing MXF files

* Fixed rare breaks from HEVC

* NastroykaEnabled smallestheight in the Timeline

* Zoom slider can now be used as normal in the window position / size

* The values ​​in the dialog position / size now update itself when the playback marker moves

* Adjust Visual madharanafasi / sizeall the channels (GPU and CPU)

* Fixed image distortion error in relation to the position / size to produce effects

* Fixed image distortion error in relation to the effects of crop rotation and

* Corrixidoerro combined effektynazvanie and culture

* Fixed crashwith original effects in focus effect disabled

* Fixed a bug that prevented the creation of a video frame „video levels“

* Fixed crash when exiting the Multicam mode

* Audio recording is not interrupted if the Esc key is pressed in other programs

* Institute for the Prevention ofoffenses committed to install the program at the end of the use of program start

* Fixed the crash in dialog camera / zoom

* Fixed crash when izmeneniikolichestvo monitors in standby mode ETRA

* Invalid black agent remove a file that appeared when“Video culture“ works

* Fixed crash when loading the mask effect

* Fixed image distortion (BMP) and keyframe naresized

* Fixed a bug that caused the group is in a fight, and disappears when something effects / design dragged into it

* Fixed a crash when usinglong file path

* Note error adding zagruzkenastolny option is valid

* Fixed an error in loading the lookup table is not available

* Corrixidoerro, what happened during the project, and the table, looking saved / loaded

* Speed ​​improved effects based on the tablesearching

* KosaMwisho not preview monitor when changing table Search

* Fixed several crashes in the calculation of the effect of

* Improving the quality of the moving objects

* Fixed a bug that caused items (mainly bonds) are excited to blink rapidly whenyou get out of the visible area

* Fixed a bug where the object appears briefly again to its original position (only when something foipreviamente transferred from the track visible area)

* Fixed kuvurugarangi effect on the brightness / contrast, when only the initialpoint or the end of the curve moves

* Improved speed feedback effects / animation

* Fixed an error loading or saving keyframes OpenFX Plugins

* Fixed incorrect values ​​in effect when negotiating OpenFX or pages effects profiles bylideaktiviruetsyaand reactivated

* Alpha channel material can now be disabled in the dialog chroma key

* Proven Restauradoestados button on the key and chrome dialoggloss

* Fixed problems Mercalli image stabilization and interlaced material (DVD)

* Reason putty to completethe project is now re-released in the run dialog

* Animation and improved hiking trails (zoom function, performance, the new card is added) crashes fixed

* Interface A small program of restructuring and location



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