The Forest Public Alpha v0 64bit download

The Forest Public Alpha v0 64bit download

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The Forest Public Alpha v0


Title: Wood

Genre: action, adventure, indie, simulation, early access

Manufacturer: Endnight Games Ltd

Publisher: Endnight Games Ltd

Date of issue: May 30, 2014

About this game

Being the only survivor of a passenger aircraft crash, you will find yourself in a mysterious forest, struggling to survive against the society cannibalistic mutants.

Build to explore, survive in this horrible survival horror First-person shows Alpha

Provide the bright, breathingWorld where every tree and any plant can be cut under the ground below, you will explore an extensive subway network of caves and lakes.

Chopping trees to build a camp, or a fire cause to keep warm. Sink foods that keep you from starvation

Build a small shelter or a large ocean side of the fortress. Moore traps and defensive flaps keep a safe scope.

Discover and build during the day. Protect your base at night. Force ZbroyaiTools. The bunker for the evening off, or take the fight directly to the enemy.

Protect yourself from the clan of genetic mutants have faith, family, morality and almost human.

Use stealth to avoid enemies or work directly with raw weapons that are built of sticks and stones.

Development plan

The forest was at this time in the development phase, but now we need your feedback to make it even better. Our vision for this gulnizhudasny open world gameplay optionsAnd the freedom of the player. We’ve come a long way, but still make a lot of features and improvements.

Here is a small example of what we hope to add the game while adding Alf:

Many other animals – fish, snakes, frogs and birds. We really want to bring the world to life with a variety of fauna.

Other possibilities for fishing and hunting.

Extended- A few really cool things for our AI plan to develop alpha andTo try to improve.

Explore new areas – over time, adding new sites and unlocked, and our cave system will continue to evolve downwards.

Other constructions – Additional option is that you can build and that is available to use.

Other ways to create more products to create a combined and exciting things.

New creatures – as we have more and more peace and pyachorpadchas Alfa wells many new frighteningCreatures present unlock with some surprises.

Visual improvements – we always want to push that maybe the world makes looks, feel better and better.

Many UI tweaks and polishes.

Other game modes, including non-opponent cheating mode for players who want a relaxing experience.

MultiplayerWe find the idea of ​​cooperative game in this world really exciting and we hope to form a cooperative vrealizavats experience.

Full support Oculus RiftFor the immersive possible. * Please note that it is not in the first version of alpha *

Demand system


Operating system: Windows 7

Processor: Intel dual-core GHz

Memory: 4 GB of RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT

DirectX: version

Storage: 5 GB free space

Sound card: DirectX compatible

Additional Information: 32-bit Windows users should ensure that they can be usedat least 4 GB of RAM in your sistemeёsts.

It is recommended:

Operating system: Windows7

Processor: Quad-core

Memory: 4 GB of RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560

DirectX: version

Storage: 5 GB free space

Sound card: DirectX compatible

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