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Gifted 2017 HDrip WEB-DL download free movie torrent

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Gifted 2017

GiftedAfter the death of his sister, Frank Adler responsible for her 7-year-old niece, Mari cares. When Mari’s extraordinary mathematical abilities are revealed, Frank’s mother intends to take Mary Frank and now her struggle for the child’s care of the Prodigi.


Classification: NA

General information: 27 July 2017

Genre: Action

Runtime: Not available

Distribution: 20th Century Fox

Cast: Chris Evans, Jenni Schaeffer, Grace McKenna

Director: Marc Webb

Format: 2D

Frank,A man who exalts a miracle Meri, is involved in a grievance dispute with the mother. Frank Adler (Chris Evans), a man who is a miracle child, breed – his spirit of young cousin Mary (McKenna Grace) in the coastal city of Florida. Frank wants to break a normal school life for Maria as the seven year old math skills to get the attention of Silan Franks mother Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan) whose plans for her granddaughter threatens to split Frank and Marie. The.Frank and Marie hostess and best friend. Jenny Slate Mari Teacher, Bonnie, a young woman who develops care for her students within the framework of her uncle.

Lifethe six crew of the International Space Station showed the first signs of extraterrestrial life on Mars. They begin to research and realize that the way of life is more intelligent than ever anyone expected.


Classification: NA

General information: 23 March 2017

Genre: Sci-Fi / Thriller

Runtime: notavailable

Distribution: Sony Pictures International Releasing

Cast: Rian Reynolds, Rebecca Ferguson, Jake Gillenhaal, Hiroiuki Sanada

Directed by Daniel Espinosa,

Format: 2D

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