Minecraft Pre release 1 Torrent Download

Minecraft Pre release 1 Torrent Download

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Minecraft Pre release 1

Minecraft before release is available to everyone who owns the game in Windows or Mac. This allows you to test new features, as well as assistance in finding and removing errors from the official future.


MinecraftNid the only game that is constantly being developed, but developers Mojang has always been more open to the trial of a feature in the future. Anyone can easily installMinecraft release.

The current version, filled with rich Update fachnewidiadau and changes in the game, though no title features important improvement as it was before. Update Minecraft ‚change the world „to make changes in how the world was created,And of course, we turn.

Now easier to use

You have nothing to lose important when trying Minecraft pre-release if you are game. You can easily switch between the roof official release and not risk losing their game to make.

InstallationMinecraft pre-press, just download the ffeiliaYna, open Launcher Minecraft you click on „New“ to a „hold“, and find the box that says „Enable photo development lab.“

Nothing to lose

MinecraftThe experiment actually a special ’n glwscynnwys official results. It cost and how great David as the game progresses.

Rich Update

The beta version of the latest Minecraft, the rich Update adds tons of new blog,Arms for some characters, dungeons under water, and more.


Minecraft players need to download a license from the website of the developer.

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