My Talking Angela update Download Torrent

My Talking Angela update Download Torrent

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My Talking Angela

Cats big and all but they can be a pain. Their fur is everywhere, they cry constantly for food and they like to dig his claws in his chest during sleep.

My Angela says giving all the benefits of a real cat, no luggage. It’s a virtual pet game in the same way as the My Talking Tom, where you feed, groom, care, dress and play with the star-star Angela Talking Polo, Tom loves Angela and Valentin Andzhely.

KatzenartigScherzt Angela

There are several aspects at My TalkingAngela, allowing you to get involved with him in various ways. „Virtual pet“ element for the game includes a conventional kind of thing: pet, food, showers and sun loungers on Angela’s sleep. These parts are made well, but it’s barely original, and there’s just as much what you can take before you get bored.

Fortunately, there are many other things to do My Talking Angela. There are three fun mini games: Brick Breaker, suitcase and Tiny Tower Puzzle (where you need to match Tetris styleTo fit on the screen). These games are easy to pick up and play and very addictive but that’s what your progress will not be saved when vamuyti.

Another interesting part of the My PraatAngela is a sticker package that you can unlock through leveling or tasks. Each package you have contains several labels, which you then attach to a virtual sticker. You can even act sticker with other players across the world. It’s a big and unique aspect of the game to make you happybring.

Function My Talking Angela, who has to appeal to young girls, is the ability to dress Angela and make her environment. You can change your clothes and change new furniture to the scene. Clerical items can be purchased in-game currency, which is earned by the addition of Angela, mini-games, or by purchase.

Tochnokak Talking Angela (and in fact, the entire back catalog of Outfit 7 «Talking» contest), you can repeat what you say in the microphone high, sweet voice of aCat. Angela can also record screen and share videos you with Angela.

Fur, family vacations

My say Angela is very easy to play, making it ideal for children and mladshiypodhodit. All the different parts of the menu application are well explained when you first set My Talking Angela, running a mini game ultra simple and menu icons are big and clear.

If you fill certain tasks, you jump, it’s time to use it. For example, when you swim the body of Angela, shower head beginsSomething to jump for you that it’s time to abzuspucken them. And again, it’s a thin useful way to show what to do next.

Design My Talking AngelaIst sweet and cutesy. Rose is very difficult, as part of the color scheme and the nature of living and full life. Angela expressive, and you can judge how they feel their eyes make the little sounds she said.

Optimistic music mini-games iutonulo in your head.

Purrfect – for some

My Reason Angela, of course, is not for everyone. These tasks can be monotonousAnd boring, and the players who have the loose lines of action should probably avoid them.

But for the young, especially young children, My Talking Angela makes learning fun and interesting for pets sposobzabotitsya.

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