Battlefield: Vietnam Patch 1 Torrent Download

Battlefield: Vietnam Patch 1 Torrent Download

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Battlefield: Vietnam Patch 1

Battlefield: Vietnam is the second installment of the first-person shooter series Battlefield. It offers a realistic reconstruction of the battlefields of weapons and vehicles of the Vietnam War, which players use a variety of cult weapons, tanks, flying planes and helicopters, and even the race for the Vespa scooter, the 1960s Rocks soundtrack will bring an era to life, To avoid pitfalls and explosions are really to enjoy the music.

The war never stops changing

Battlefield:Vietnam follows the pattern set by its predecessor, but with an interesting change: the conflict between the US and North Vietnamese forces unevenly. Americans have an advantage in vehicles and heavy weapons, forcing their enemies to create arms and anti-tank mobility. This makes the game, although they vary greatly compensated, depending on which one you are on. The maps are detailed and realistic drawing on the actual SchlachtenWie fall of Saigon and the Khe Sanh battle.

cometo fight

Battlefield: Vietnam is pleasingly demanding asymmetrical Erstpersonen shooter.Het The heart of the game is the multiplayer gameplay. Public support for multiplayer no longer exists, but it is still possible to play, provided you can connect to the server. However, the online multiplayer community is not big, so the opposite can be difficult.

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