Indiana Jones: Crystal Skull 2017 torrent

Indiana Jones: Crystal Skull 2017 torrent

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Indiana Jones: Crystal Skull 2017

Forced to leave Marshall College in question, Indy joins forces with rebellious young Mutt, who believes that he knows where to find archaeological interest in history – the Crystal Skull Akatora, in dithiLengo fascination, superstition and fear. But Indy and Mutt went to the most remote corners of Peru -The country of ancient graves, forgotten explorers and city rumors of gold quickly realize that they are not alone in their quest. SovetskiyAgenty is too hot Crystalfuvu election. The main among them is the icy, good damage Irina Spalko, whose elite military part cleans around the creepy crystalSkulls that, in their opinion, can help the Soviets dominate the world – if you can open your secrets. Indy and MuttTuna find a way around the ruthless Sirs, follow the mystery of solidarity, fight enemies and friends who are interested in this matter, and, above all, stopPowerful crystalline skull with padeniyaV most deadly weapons.

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