The Big Sick 2017 German HD DVDScr download movie torrent

The Big Sick 2017 German HD DVDScr download movie torrent

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The Big Sick 2017

Based on the real life of courtship between Kuma Nandzhiani and Emily C. Gordon FIGHT God tells the story of Pakistani aspiring comedian Kum, who is connected with Emily’s student one of their stands. However, what they think is that there will only be a real thing that will make life difficult,As expected, Kuma from their traditional Muslim parents.

Spouses deal with their cultural differences as they grow their relationship. Kuma (Kuma Nadzhani) in sredinataDa become a care comedian of the species of Emilia (Zoe Kazan). At the same time, a sudden illness causes Emily to be put into medicalCom. Kumano should move like a comedian to deal with a tragic illness and calm the desire of his family to give them the opportunity to correct a person, thinking and calculating really really believes.

MimicThere is a city legend in South Korea for mysterious creatures onA grief that can mimic human voices-a creature known as Jangsan Tiger. The creature uses its human voice to lead a person into their ligva. One unhappy Korean family becomes a victim when GIE-John, suffering from depression after her child’s disappearance,And her husband, takes care of his fall on the magic of the Dzhangsan tiger, because he mimics the voice of his lost child.

Language: Korean

Classification: N / A

General Release date: August 31, 2017

Horror / Thriller

Duration Not available

Distributor: CSC Movies

Starring: YumJung-Ah ParkHjuk-Kwon Shin Ai-Rin

Directed by: Jung SYS

Format: 2D

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