IPhoneBrowser 1.93 torrent

IPhoneBrowser 1.93 torrent

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IPhoneBrowser 1.93

IPhoneBrowser lets you view iPhone and iPod Touch files on a Windows-based computer.

Your mobile device is iOS equipped space that you can use as an external hard drive. But it may be a bit difficult to get if you do not have the appropriate equipment. It appears thereIPhoneBrowser

The Windows Phone-based IPhoneBrowser also includes an easy way to download your phone by dragging and dropping. Users can also choose to maintain their files on the phone automatically or manually, as well as text files and images Preview.

IPhoneBrowser mustAppear immediately after filling your iPhone on your computer. Like other file managers, such as Total Commander or Windows Explorer, there is a dual iPhoneBrower interface with a list of your folders to the left and what you have chosen to convey the top right. The program has a preview paneAt the bottom right Just right-click to see all of your options, some of which include Save As, File Backup, and Delete File Replace File.

The only real frustration that Some users encounter with iPhoneBrowser if the program does not start when you connect your iPhone. In this caseYou will have to look for your iPhoneBrowser software files, which may be somewhat unclear if this is repeated on bases.

IPhoneBrowser is an easy way to view files on your iOS device.

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