Kidnap 2017 Spanish KAT Download Full Movie Torrent

Kidnap 2017 Spanish KAT Download Full Movie Torrent

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Kidnap 2017

An ordinary day in the garden proves to be a dream for a mother Karla Dyson (Academy Halle Berry Academy award winner) when her baby suddenly disappears. Without a mobile phone and knowing that they do not have time to wait for the police, Karla jumps into her own car and sits on the pursuit of newborns. Look for your chair seat, where Karla should end up not losing her baby.

Kidnap When her child is captured, the mother will stop upHe finds it. Directed by Luis PrietoAnd of Knate Gwaltney, the Halle Berry Filmstars, Sage Correa, Lew Tempel and Chris McGinn.

Language: English

Note: NO

Date of the Removal Date: 07. September 2017

Type: Thriller

Runtime: Not available

Distributor: Square Picture Box

Call us: Halle Berry

Director: Luis Prieto

Do: 2D

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