Kau Takdirku 2017 free torrent

Kau Takdirku 2017 free torrent

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Kau Takdirku 2017

You’re Takdirukh lovers Harris and Ali. Shortly after marriage, Harris suddenly vanished when he came from the ocean and his body could not be found. Destroyed and unable to recognize the truth, Harris’s wife Kamara, who has loved Alia ever since, decided to move to HarrisNa’s place and join Aliya. Things got more complicated when Harris came back suddenly.

Malay language

Classification: P13

General information Date of issue: 07.09.2017

Type: drama / romance

Runtime: not available

Distributor:Studio of the Prime Minister

Send: Remi Isaac, Ezati Abdullah, Bronte Palaray

Director: Jason chong

Do it: 2D

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