Microsoft Office 2016 installer Ceedy free download torrent

Microsoft Office 2016 installer Ceedy free download torrent

Download torrent

Microsoft Office 2016

*** Please be temporarily! Thank you ***

*** News edition

– Language: Spanish (es-es)

Channel: volume license

– Architecture: x86 / x64

– Professional equipment: Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque, Portuguese (Brazil), English

– It was changed on March 8, 2016

*** Folder Bonus

-KMSpico Activator

– BitMenu – Customizer Menu (Adds Toolbar and Office 2003 to Office 2016 Office)

– Software for deletion of previous versions (Office 2016, 2013, 365, 2003,2007, 2010)

– Deactivate the option „Enter“ in Office application (reg file)

– Enable Telemetry Office 2016 (file file)

*** Eastern Files

– x86:

– x64:

*** Version compatible with the original version

Microsoft has run the Office Office itself and released version 2016.

The part of the producer will find and erase the original version and does not support the operation of old features. Outlook 2013/2013 Outlook and Publisher 2016.

That is, do not miss Office Offers.

ToolsYou can use Microsoft FixTo to manually delete / delete / delete the original Office versions (including the „Bonus“ folder).

For this reason, all Office system effects should be deleted.

*** Improve the Mikrosfot2016 Volume Edition Office

Unlike Click2Run, Versions Edition does not offer updating software through account (File – Account – Messages).

To get the VL Visa Update for 2016, you need to get „Microsoft Update updates“ in Windows updates.

However, the InternetExplorer 11 may block access to Microsoft Update


At the end of Windows, you can not update updates directly from other products from Microsoft Update

– When you press „Learn More“ on Windows, Internet Explorer opens an incorrect website, „Use the Sart list to see the update“.

How to decide

1. Open Internet Explorer, open Internet options, general tabs, search history, delete all items, click OK and remove options. Internet connection.

2Go to visual settings and add „“. Click OK and leave.

3. Now go to Update Update for Windows and click on ‚Search more ▼‘

4. Now Internet Explorer will open the Vista section installation page

With the next click, you can update your 2016 VL Office automatic updates!


*** System requirements

OS: Windows 10 SP1 + Windows 10 server, Server 2012 R2 / 2012/2008 R2

– NET version: .NET required. Other features require a NET or CLR installationda

*** Installation

– Delete all available versions (folder folders) and restart them as required.

– Save / save / delete the ISO file

– Installation of office features

– Activate the KMSpico use after complete installation of all products

– Remove the 2016 TV Office (RECOMMENDED – Number. Send your personal information to Microsoft! – Connect Register „Manage TV Office 2016“

– Install CustomMenu Customizer (optional)

-Get an application request to log in (optionally,“Uninstall“ link in the link)

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