AdiIRC 2.4 download torrent

AdiIRC 2.4 download torrent

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AdiIRC 2.4

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They decided to communicate through IRC, should a specialized client today need enough, but in this article I want to talk about AdiIRC. It comes with a client and server support with a plug-in that can be expanded by defaultfunction. Once downloaded and installed quickly run the program before us there is the right window with details to connect to the server, kindofpakinuts things like that, and you can change your name, select one of the servers and available connectivity port.

pay attentionthat the AdiIRC program is not only to communicate with specific users on the server, but you can also share files with them, thanks to the support of the DDC protocol. If you wish, multiple servers can be opened at once, and then switch between them as a switchbetween the tab in the browser. The client has built a large number of servers to communicate, you can add your wish.

If you have already estásfamiliarizado with this type of program, all treatment and it can easily be done. You can configure the client to automatically change the channel,when there is a communication gap, you can set different sounds for alarm events.

I note that the program does not AdiIRC best known among its colleagues, but that does not mean anything, believe me, all the settings and has a sufficient number of chips so I can recommend it towork with the IRC, at least, you can only experiencedeal and make your own conclusións.Con embedded server, you do not need to pick it up, you can start communicating right away, and you can add your own, I wrote about it earlier, if you want , just decided to come back.

By the way, I forgot to write,do not be afraid of the screen, I know that you are in English language, in fact, Russian support, it is true that it is not so easy to do it, go to Settings, and then click on the icon of the main tool window yakivam select the General tab – in the lower right corner you can change the adespois programrestart and that much better all the happiness!

How to install:

instructions are included

No problems, suggestions or just say „Hello“, writes

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