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Google Chromium OS

After weeks of rumors, comments, topics, and official shows in San Francisco, Google Chrome Chronic finally here.

The current Chromium operating system is a source code that you can download and customize to create an accurate file for any machine editing. Any virtual such as VMware or VirtualBox. Depending on Linux, it starts with seconds and focuses mainly on the web.

This is the last feature in Google Chrome. Almost everything is a site or, if you want, In the cloud. Chromium OS is createdfor use with online apps and will store all your files online. This is quick and easy: Operating systems should not be installed on any computer because you can access everything online. This is a complete operating system for a low-speed computer such as netbooks.

After you sign in to your Gmail account, you’re ready to start. Google Chromium OS may seem slightly different for the first time, but it is also very understandable. Oddly because it’s quite different fromThe operating system that you have tried so far is a browser and easy because web browser is a place where we spend more time on other operating systems, so there is no learning anymore.

Google Chromium OS is definitely a revolutionary operating system that affects our computer image and the way we use it now. For a little, I think that this revolution will still continue to sluchido until you use the operating systems of the internet, not to mention the fact thatChromium OS is still in progress.

GoogleChromium OS is the first step with a revolutionary networking system that uses applications and online stores online.

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