PC Telephone DeFcoN portable Download Torrent

PC Telephone DeFcoN portable Download Torrent

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PC Telephone

A timely program such as Skype or GoToMeeting can take extra memory or just intrusive. In that case, why not get the benefits of the work provided by PC-Phone? As you change this name, this unique package offers many similar benefits as your own when you need a very small record.

More International call only

One of the most interesting points for PC-Phone, then you can make all international calls at lower rates. It is still important to note that there are functionsothers that are included as a standard. For example, you have the right to make PC-to-PC phones free of charge and do not need to be used. PC-Phone also allows you to transfer the normal computer to ISDN (Integrated Services Network).

Fashionable and planned

You can send a fax through the next time monitoring the network to track the balance of the account, and even enjoy this VoIP application on your smartphone. All this is great if you make regular calls onlineor if you are interested in interacting with overseas customers. Finally, there is a demonstration available to be tested before booking to download the entire package.


Supports new USB devices

It makes the functions and all the USB phones available on the computer

The USB device is automatically installed

Private voice notices on a PC or USB speaker

Fax for PC-phone advantages of SFF and TIFF files

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