The Witcher 3: reloaded download

The Witcher 3: reloaded download

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The Witcher 3:

Repetition functions

Based on the non-scene release: GB

Additional voice packs have been added: GB

GUI translations / subtitles are stored

NADA violated, NAD encoded again

VoiceOvers offers you the opportunity to download options that you can choose with each translation.

100% Lossless MD5 Perfect: Files originals are the same after installation

To install GOG officially, create the registration register (open if registration is not registered in your case, registerafter.

Smaller memory sizes (from 56GB to GB, depending on the language you set)

Installation time: 30 minutes CPU 8-Core + SSD; ~ 50 minutes 4 CPU + SSD; ~ 1 hour 10 minutes CPU in 4 colors + HDD; Up to 2 hours for CPU 2-Core + HDD devices. Do not install it to your target hard drive! Close torrent client or batch software.

After installation HDD field: 36 ~ 61GB (depending on the selected language).

Repack uses the PZlib library from Razor12911

MemoryTo install this, 2 GB of free (minimum) memory is required


You can change the voice file download or not.

It is a list of alternative files (at least you need to download the package):

For example, if you are playing RUSSIAN / Subtitles / Voices, skip all selected files,

But download all important files



WITCHER 3 Annual Reports „Wild Hunting Game“ * PC *


Date:30th of August, 2016

Gambling genres: RPG – Adventure – Fantasy

Languages: English / (MULT15)

Protection: no

Game Remarks

Witcher publishes a story

The world player, located in a spectacular eye

Fantastic universe, meaningful and funny

Impact effects Witcher-in, play as you

Geralt Rivia, looking for a monster

The prophets of the past to the children.

System Requirements:

Windows OS: Windows 64-bit or 64-bit Windows 7 8 ()

Processor: Intel Core i5-2500K GHz or AMD CPUCPU Phenom II X4 940

Memory: 6 GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GPU GeForce GTX 660 / AMD GPU Radeon HD 7870 GPU

Hard Disk: 60 GB of storage available

DirectX: 11

For more information:

Install Note:


2. Install the following installation instructions to the game.

3 Start (optional)

4 games

NOTE: – Why is it appropriate? GOTY we have not recorded,

CD PROJECT GOTY has released it with the first and then they have changed

With the news, without distinction

AIIO does not install much more and patchdu

However, some basic solutions are with ALL this basic game

Growth and DLC all updated and too much language available

Patch exclusively. Installer AIO (all in one) is in play

The default language is English, if someone wants Russian Russian

If you agree with a patch

You need a proper or special language you can choose from my past

GOG torrent, not GOTY Edition

GOG Greetings

Our supporters and friends around the world!


GOG / __ \\ from 2008

/ \\ / \\

/ __

You accept companies to produce high quality software!

If you have benefited from this product, buy it! SOFTWARE AUTHORS SUPPORT SUPPORT




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