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House of the Dead III

The French Frances Now is the first hit in the arch in 1996, long before the zombies became their mainstream video game player today. This lightweight rifle is very popular, with its physical peripherals still proven true when we are at the moment the domestic consoles are starting to appear dominant.

Before they were cool

This third installment, House of the Dead III, is no exception. The arcade game has a plastic pump action gun for you. The zombie explosion on the screen, adding to the feeling of the engagement you can not findin the home system. However, the problematic, none of this tactical attraction is translated into the computer version.

Move the cursor around the mouse screen or controller (assuming you are not one of the few people with computer firearms) do nothing to reproduce the excitement of the arcade game. While this port makes some interesting extras to make the game feel more involved (the character of the weapon and your hands are modeled on the screen), but can not be compensatedwith what has been lost

Shooting management

However, technically, there is nothing wrong with this port. Looks good and works well, with enough video options to get the attention that even if you’re playing an old computer without a computer, you should be able to find a way to run it. Once this is done, you can start blowing up the zombie beside what you want and enjoy a satisfying graphic animation with your head.

Submission, even as a trace, thisoffering very few real games. This is a subtle little taster of the whole product. It does not even allow you to complete the prologue. If you just want to make sure that home dead people III will run on your machine, then it is definitely worth visiting, otherwise you will feel disappointed for a bit.


Unfortunately, technical competence and this type of entertainment is less thanks to the unrest and concessions that must be made to bring it home.

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