TinyTask x86 x64 Lil Bits Download Torrent

TinyTask x86 x64 Lil Bits Download Torrent

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TinyTask is a small free tool that allows you to automate repetitive tasks on your computer. To do this, simply save this process using the tool’s interface, and then turn it on in a small macro that you can click to complete it. Work.in future. If you often do this process over and over again – while troubleshooting, for example – it is a useful tool for minimiziranjeeden mouse.

No automated task automation

TinyTask is a free tool that comes with a very small file. This is a great work,but it definitely shows, in terms of what you see when you open it. The whole tool consists of a small window with a line of icons in it. If you use the software with your own hands in the process, it may be a little confusing. The good news is that it isNot very confused; After a trial period, you will master it. Simply click on the capture icon, and then complete the task that you want to automate. The tool will record the keyboard, clicks and mouse movements that you make. Complete the entry and you can report itit’s like a macro.


TinyTask is free, easy and effective. If you replace a long keyboard with one useful sound, check it out.

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