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OMSI 2 download

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OMSI 2 is a simulation game that places for a big city bus. Players ride a bus, choose different routes across the city of Berlin and travel on any holiday that invites you to visit this charming city. Finally, there will be changes to meet your dreams.

Approval onboard

There are many controls for OMSI 2 players during the mastering and startling hard to increase, adds the realization of the game and helps in many simulation amusement fans. There are variations in the game, such as different weather conditions, daily and city routes, refreshinggame, the players will definitely notice some errors, such as closing the doors and standing in the bottom of the brick walls.

On the bus

On the bus Everyone who wonders who wants to be a driver will find the chance to play two games. Although the game can be carefully detailed, you canIt sounds like to organize, for example, passengers waiting to get to the buses, and what these elements are a good game simulation game.

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