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The Post 2017

The closure, which includes four presidents, forced the country’s first publisher and hard disk editors to join an unprecedented battle between the press and the government. When US military analyst Daniel Elsberg understood the horrific depth of fraudof the US Government. UU. The uselessness of the war in Vietnam is accomplished by copying the secret documents that will become the Pentagon papers. Later, the Washington Post’s owner, Kai Graham, is still adapting. During his inauguration, the publisherBen Bradley found that the New York Times left us with an explosive display of these roles. Determined to compete, the post-reporters himself Elsberg himself and a full copy of these papers. However, the plans for publishing their findings are forbidden for the Federal Republic, which couldto be accused of „mürete“. Now Kai Graham has to decide whether to withdraw for the safety of his book or to publish and fight for freedom. So Graham and his staff join the struggle that will have the right democratic ideals in America.

1920,rural Ireland. Anglo-Irish twins Rachel and Edward share a strange existence in the disintegrating family. Every night the property becomes a domain of bad presence (The …

See full curriculum 1920, rural Ireland. The Anglo-Irish twins Rachel and Edward share strangelyexistence in the disintegrating family. Each evening the property is Lodgers‘ domain, which imposes three rules on the twins: they must be in bed until midnight; They can not allow an alien to cross or climb; If someone tries to escape, the life of another is in danger. Whenthe unpleasant Sean veteran returns to the nearby village, he immediately returns to the mysterious Rachel, which in turn begins to break the rules set by The Lodgers. The consequences punish Rachel in a deadly confrontation with her brother and the curse that pursues them.

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