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Mobizen Free Download Torrent

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The Mobizen for PC is a remote version of this remote control service for Android devices and has several features that are larger than the web version.

Your phone, in the Windows operating system

As many Android phone manufacturers do not call, phones and Windows do not work well. Yes, you can access files and pictures via USB, but that’s fine. There are applications like Mobizenain, a system that is similar to AirDroid. Mobizen allows you to use your Android on Windowsas if it were straight on your mouse.

Of course, you can also have access to fully telephones, videos, and videos of your phone.

Includes an interesting feature that allows you to record the remote screen of your phone. Ideally, create a video tutorial or shoot through your vasegrates, but your phone needs to be strong enough to have high quality video.

Easy to use

Mobizen is slightly more complicated than AirDroid, but not much. First you have to create an account, and then select thePIN to improve security.

Now, it sometimes encourages you to install an additional tool, without further explanation or why, or refuse to contact for any obvious reason.

In any case, remote access works well and a little delays. You can really use your phone from Windows or even chat with some trouble.

A mobile interface is a mobile window that looks like a phone. You can move it anywhere, but unfortunately you can not change it.

Android Vindovs, getting closer

Thanks to Mobizen,the line that separates your phone and Windows will be slightly thinner. There are currently no additional features such as AirDroid, but the remote screen works well.

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