BS Player PRO Windows XP/7/8 FastDL Download Torrent

BS Player PRO Windows XP/7/8 FastDL Download Torrent

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BS Player PRO

Since 2000, BSPlaier has performed more than 60 million times, according to its developers. The goal of the player is „to allow users to focus on watching movies rather than facing poor computer skills or running for appropriate settings and codecs.“ For those with major media player problems being offered, BSPlaier can be a useful alternative.

Supports all media types including avi, mpeg,asf, vmv, mp3, etc., but also specializes in DivX playback. Many users report Divin files that are not working for other players, it occurs with BS Plaier. One of the main shortcomings of many media players is drawing resources, but BSPlaier uses more than one audio device, and the start is very fast. Because it does not use most processing power, it will be more customizableto users with slower machines that do not require too many fun functions.

BSPlaier also has a BSMediaLibrarian package that can organize all your multimedia content and allow you to create your own playlists. It also has many skins available for download, many designed by other dedicated users.

The biggest drawback to BSPlaier is the hidden menu that pops up and gets lost while draggingyou mouse over it. It becomes more tiresome if you listen to something while other apps however, loading subtitles is easy and dragging and dropping files to open screen files meansYou can avoid the menus are coming. You also have a small graphic equalizer and you can load players on other codecs you may need.

Overall Given this, it is good to try out theperson with problems with DivK files or bored with busy mainstream offerings.

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