CyberLink PowerDirector Windows 7/8/10 portable Download Free Torrent

CyberLink PowerDirector Windows 7/8/10 portable Download Free Torrent

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CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector is a complete set of video editing tools that allows you to create professional-looking videos by mixing all kinds of multimedia elements, including videos, images, transfer effects, clipart, text layers with all of you. audio or background crawl

Powerful but easy-to-use editing room

CyberLink PowerDirector claims that this is the fastest video editor around, although it is a bold application, it has a simpler editing processand simple that makes us create videos of quality is simply a surprise. There are many models to choose from, which make the most of the hard work, and the rest, just by dragging the boxes on your request. It also includes a 3D themes designer that lets you create 3D themes for your videos, although some of them seem a little cheap.

In addition, CyberLink PowerDirector contains all the necessary tools for creativity with your videos, helping you from the first step (compiling videofrom several sources) to add Final Mail to create with a menu of formative DVD styles.

When you succeed, CyberLink PowerDirector lets you save your video to your hard drive in different formats, publish it on YouTube, share it on Facebook or view it on your camcorder.

Most recently CyberLink PowerDirector has been updated with advanced 3D features and includes new ways to create creations with other Cyberlink users through CyberlinkDirectorZone as well asMany tools. Edit a new 3D that supports the designer of 3D themes. If you want more effects, you can also download it from the directory.

Drag the video’s graphical interface

The CyberLink PowerDirector interface is divided into four main tabs (Capture, Edit, Produce and Cross Disc), all of them quite understandable. The plan includes a standard video editor, where the source material is shared with the temporary editing fee below.

The CyberLink PowerBirector editor includesall the necessary video tools, a window in the library to see its collection of media, a timeline to drag superficial elements to see how the creation looks when all the elements are combined.

The Creator theme uses an assistant style system to help you create your own theme and is easy to follow, although the results can be quite cheap.

Presentatsiyalyuks Solid Multimedia

With Cyberlink PowerDirector you can easily create presentationsmultimedia with video, imagine music. Whatever its presentation, Cyberlink PowerDirector – an excellent choice. Cyberlink Corporation offers a wide range of programs, and if you are looking for other free options, we recommend downloading VideoPad Video Video Editor Plus Video and Video Editor.

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