Bus Simulator 16 Torrent

Bus Simulator 16 Torrent

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Bus Simulator 16

Bus Simulator 16 is a driving simulator, where you play the role of a bus driver responsible for the carriage of passengers safely and in five different areas and realistic. Through your career, you earn more money, unlock new ads and decorations for your bus and get a new route.

The bestthing to come in real life

The bus simulator 16 is a very detailed game with real bus control. You are published correctly. The most complex controls can make some acquaintances, but if you are patient, you will get their height. You need to be careful aboutdriving time, but you still need to be careful – deviations and other hazards can change your way of movement. Your passengers can also cause problems; you need to sell them the required ticket and make sure you put them in, expanding the wheelchairs, etc. Earn moneyand finish the tour will unlock more buses for purchase. You can also decorate your bus with stylized stickers, although you will not have a great chance to enjoy them at the wheel.

It’s all fun to become a bus driver

Like most simulation games, Bus Simulator 16 has a weight.If you ever wanted to be a bus driver, this is a game for you, but this can not happen to many people.

This is the first simulation of the coach of the German bus buswhich is very popular. Working with FlixBus, the free Fernbusimulator bus is designed to illustrate everyday issues.the life of the German coach train, on the way to more than 40 cities. Thanks to the Fernbus simulator, you can experience the life that you feel daily with the long and big drivers of the MAN LION buses.

How it works

About one kilometer from the German network FlixBus Line, as well as more than 40 modelsgerman cities So steepindividual is not too long, the simulator time is set to scale 1:10. You can move around the network of roads and complex bus networks to various bus stations located in more than 40 cities, while you are constantly communicating with the bus station. Incidentscongestion and construction sites contradict your role as a bus driver if you want to keep the schedule.


The MAN bus is equipped with all the features in the original cockpit with models, both externally and externally. With the best details. The Fernbus Simulator offers a realistic atmosphere with genuineauthentic passenger messages. The buses in the simulator have been tested and optimized for true drivers for drivers and buses.

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