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Speccy Update torrent download

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When I ask about your computer’s functionality, most of you can name a processor, and possibly the amount of RAM and hard drive capacity available. But what about the others? Speccy gives you detailed information about your system information.

With Speccy you can now get very detailed statistics about your computer that not only covers the base, such as processor memory and RAM, but also hard drives, graphics cards, motherboards, optical drives, operating systems and more.You can see information about well designed program interfaces and also save the snippets for future reference.

You may find that this information applies only to computer users, network administrators and other tech savvy users, but may actually be useful to everyone. With Speccy you can check your RAM configuration before purchasing more modules, or create a function list if you want to sell your computer, to provide someexample.

The basic data displayed by Speccy is also available in some parts of the Windows system, but Speccy makes it easy to collect everything with one face and also provide more information.

Speccy is still in beta development and lacks a number of additional features we can find in other similar tools: the ability to export to different formats, performance tests, installed software lists, and so on. But as the same CCleaner Developer program,Recuva and Defraggler, we can only expect it to improve!

Speccy is an easy-to-use system analyzer with detailed information about the configuration and technical characteristics of your computer.


computer type add (Desktop, Laptop) to the Operating System section.

Updated CPU tracking for the latest Intel Core i7 models.

Better compatibility with LGA 2011 motherboards.

Added external drive information to Device.

Better detect sharing and find for printer.

Helpbetter release control.

Language support added for Kurds.

Small and correction tweaked.

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