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Realizing how women influence the menstrual period, is aimed at the creation of the sanitary napkin and to provide cheap sanitary pads for women in rural India. Biography activists Nadu Arunachal Muruganantam whose misijabio ensure hygienewipes bednyhZhanchyny from the countryside. If you use cloth or cardboard at the time when the use of sanitary-Salvan line. After not received fruitful results of their families and the medical college, who joined, I decided Jeon tried to remove the uterus with football bladder burbalkiiblood filling coat. He will walk all day with the bladder, and the aim is to verify the extent of absorption of sanitary napkins, which he did.

Pad Man fictional exhibition Padma Shri ArunachalamMuruganatham, which has revolutionized the production of low-cost hygienenapkins in India. Lakshmimladoživot, welder from a modest village in the heart of India. Lakshmi incredible journey began when he was shocked to learn that his wife used unsanitary towel during njeperioda. He can not afford brand-name shoes, I decided to make a hygienicgasket. After several attempts, his deceitful wife refuses to be part of his experiments. Lakshmiova love and care for his wife, his determination to make the surface, which leads to a situation which causes a shock and inconvenience for which his wife had left him and his village,to throw it. Lakshmi NOT zdaetstsa.Yago simplicity of thought, its flexibility, its direction and its complete disregard for the Convention in the end led him to sudbine.Mašina, which can make the surface! The revolution, which arose as a result of the spread of menstrual hygiene, the empowerment of women,launch mini-cooperatives, the vision that India receives 100% of the substrate that the country benefits from international slavei to reach a final solution to his personal life, whether it be the other PAD MAN functions. His trip to India from 100% falling to the ground continues today.

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